Koppie Cleanup - 24th August 2019

On Saturday, the 24th of August, many volunteers gave up their Saturday morning to clean up the Fairland Koppie park. The volunteers included members of the FRA (Fairland Residents Association), CPF, BSI Security, Fairland SAPS, DA Ward 89 Counsellors, learners from local schools, teachers from local schools and the local residents. Items of a suspicious nature were found on the Koppie during the clean-up, such as suitcases full of clothes, electric cables etc. The CPF arrested two illegals the night before, who were in possession of stolen cabling and who had prior criminal records for home-invasion. Pikitup were onboard with the clean-up and collected the rubbish afterwards. The last Koppie park clean up took place in February this year.

The FRA have started the process of park adoption, for the koppie. Ward 89 Counsellor, Ameila Bester will firstly need to get an approved MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) from council before the FRA can proceed with fencing off the perimeter of the park. The idea is to fence the park but to have gates on either side of the koppie, which will be opened at 6am each morning and closed at 6pm each evening. To enable this adoption, volunteer donors would need to fund the project, which is currently estimated at around R1 million.

The purpose of this park adoption initiative is to fence off the park so that Fairland rate payers are once again able to enjoy the park, by walking their dogs on the koppie and surrounding parks and taking their children to the playground.

If you know of anyone who would be interested in sponsoring this park adoption project, please contact Alison 0795085071.